Those Bright, Colourful Leggings I Wore

We all have that time in our week, or month, or year, or lifetime where we just want to break the rules, in any possible way we can.

Whether it means to start learning how to speak a language that nobody in your continent speaks, and which you might never actually have to use, or learning a new dance, that is different from your culture, just for the fun of it. The idea is to break free, just to feel the freedom of not conforming to what is generally described as “ordinary.”

Those are the leggings I wore.
Those are the leggings I wore.

Well, I had one of those days a few days ago, and I decided to break the rules in the field of fashion. Yep. Those are the actual leggings I wore, to actual places out of my house. Just for the fun of it, and because I’d always been to self-conscious to wear them before. But suddenly, I wanted to wear them. Strange, huh?

So I went with my family and my best friend to a resort in Aburi, and as soon as I walked in, I could read the expressions on the faces of some of the women who worked there. They were very obviously thinking stuff like, “Who the heck is this crazy teenager wearing colorful leggings that can be seen from the next country?”

And it really doesn’t help that I was born with a more-than-typical African behind. That is to say, LARGE.

The thing is, it was and is just so funny to see the reactions on people’s faces when you do something out of the ordinary. I should do that more often. Give people something to stare at. Spice up their lives. It’s not attention-seeking. It’s public and personal entertainment.

At the resort, texting and wearing the leggings.
At the resort, texting and wearing the leggings.

I’m not a genius. Just a nonconformist.



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