Harry Potter…In Twi

Hi, there! Been a while.

This particular piece of nonfa all started when a friend of mine randomly asked what Harry Potter spells would sound like in Twi. I’m sure there was something that led to it, but I just can’t seem to remember what that something was.

Either way, it all led up to a number of speculations and suggestions, and before we knew it, my friends and I were wasting our lives during a free period writing translations of spells on the board.

The translations that we made on the board of an English classroom (ironic, isn’t it?)

In case this is a a bit difficult to see:

Imperio: y3 nea me ka [do what I say]

Protego: m3nfa wonsa nka me [don’t touch me]

Langlock: m3nkasa [don’t talk]

Incendio: agya [fire]

Crucio: agyei (we really blasted with this one.) [ouch]

Finite Incantum: gyae saa [stop that]

Wingardium Leviosa: s)rek) [get up and go]

Lumos: s) kanea [turn the light on]

Knox: dum kanea [turn the light off]

Alohomora: bie 3pono [open the door]

Accio: bra ha [come here]

Avada Kedavra: m’aku wo. [I have killed you]

And indeed, I hope to have Avada Kedavra’d a lot of people with this insane blog post.


Ivana. πŸ˜‰

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