The Signs These Days!

Brief one here: I was just wondering…how bad exactly is this generation if they now have to have signs reminding people to wear shirts and shoes? Well. I don’t think Steve Jobs would have liked THAT very much. I took this photo at MacDonald’s. Unfortunate. LOL. -Vanna Advertisements

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It might not be ordinary…

It might not be ordinary to randomly decide, in the blazing Ghanaian afternoon to put on sneakers and go outside for a run in the quiet streets of residential Labone. It might not be ordinary to make flowers out of crepe paper and wear them in your hair in the middle of Accra wherever you […]

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How was Dubai?

Let’s make this post less talkie more photo. My family and I stayed at the Atlantis hotel in Dubai.┬áIt was blazing hot. There was a water park in the hotel. I went on the longest freaking water slide I have ever been on. Yes, I screamed. I, my brother and my father, went into a […]

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On Cory Monteith’s Death

How do you presume Cory Monteith would feel, in the metaphorical event that he could witness the reactions to his own death? How it feels, possibly, to be mourned for by many but known by so few out of that many? How legitimate are your claims of grief for people you never really knew? I […]

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Bus Ride: #Done

Base: Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Flash info: New York City is chaotic. Have you ever stood in NYC pouring rain with a bunch of suitcases and no umbrella? Fun. Megabus is FREEZING cold. They tell you the A.C. is automatic. But really, it’s constant. On like 10 degrees. Being in a bus like that for 14 […]

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Flight 2: #Done

Base: New York City Status: excitedly exhausted And now here is more unnecessary information. Parental Guidance is a hilarious movie. #willpower is a supercool album and my favorite song on it is Gettin’ Dumb. My body was NOT made to endure 13 hours of flight. Sudden changes in diet can seriously mess up your digestive […]

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