The Signs These Days!

Brief one here: I was just bad exactly is this generation if they now have to have signs reminding people to wear shirts and shoes? Well. I don't think Steve Jobs would have liked THAT very much. I took this photo at MacDonald's. Unfortunate. LOL. -Vanna


It might not be ordinary…

It might not be ordinary to randomly decide, in the blazing Ghanaian afternoon to put on sneakers and go outside for a run in the quiet streets of residential Labone. It might not be ordinary to make flowers out of crepe paper and wear them in your hair in the middle of Accra wherever you… Continue reading It might not be ordinary…

On John Green’s “The Fault In Our Stars.”

I am not, just to confirm, a fan of hype. The Fault In Our Stars, people, is a greatly hyped book. I was reluctant, at first to read it, because if everybody hypes it to be so great, it probably isn't. And besides. I'd never heard of John Green until one of my cousins mentioned… Continue reading On John Green’s “The Fault In Our Stars.”