Family Gathering! (Yay…?)

Family occasions, especially Ghanaian ones, can be…something. 


From the perspective of a teenager, you can look at it one way: As a chance to see a lot of people you haven’t seen in a long time, since apparently, only something tragic can bring them all together. 

Or another way: An event where you are forced to smile at over three dozen people, laughing too loud when they exclaim, invariably about how tall you have grown (usually a lie) or how SMAAAAAALLL you were when they last saw you, talk about things that you don’t give a pesewa about, and finally, secretly sigh with relief when it’s time to leave. (Even the good-byes take two hours.)

But they can be fun. Sometimes. 

My grandfather’s brother recently died and this gathering thing was a result of that…

Anyway. I was reunited with a couple of family members that I find really interesting. 

Uncle Stefan, for example who speaks five or six languages and works for the UN, and his sister, who lives in Senegal (they got everybody trying to speak French with them in no time.)

Uncle Senyo, his sister Efua and his wife Freda, who are very interesting to talk to. 

Of course, there are the family members who are very old but think they are very young, speak little more than just Ewe or Twi and before I have even said anything, they are already yelling, “Me y3 wo nana! Nti fr3 me Nana! You think I can’t dance eh? Me too I can do Azonto! Look at my face eh! Hw3 m’anim! And you are looking at me komm.” And it just goes on and on with no point. 

And there are the ones who are not my parents but seem to believe they have the right to name me (fifteen years after I was born, might I add). “Nana Akotaa!” she will yell. (My middle name is Akotowaa, and I was named after my dad’s mum, Amy Akotowaa.) Also, take note that there is no Nana in my name. She continues, “Nana Akotaa! Is that not your name? I will call you that because you are JUNIOR. Your Grandma is SENIOR. And so she is Akotaa and you are Nana Akotaa! If anyone asks, tell them your name is Nana Akotaa!” and on and on, likewise.

In the course of the day, I discovered that there was some secret plot to “gather all of the younger generation of Ofori girls in one room and see what happens.” I smell conspiracy! The logic behind this, as was explained to me, was that Ofori girls ALWAYS speak their minds and are such extroverts it’s hard to battle with them. So to gain knowledge about us, we have to be put in a room together so that we can battle one another? Does this make sense? No? I agree. LOL. 

They also argued that it wouldn’t be worth it with the boys because they are all quiet introverts. Well. Knowing some of them, I beg to differ. 

But well. Yesterday was eventful in a quiet way. I managed to spend some quality time with the members of the family who amused me and fairly enough dodge those ones who wanted to talk all the time with nothing relevant to stay. 

And this week, there’s another family reunion in Canada (just for the sake of it. No one died for this) and I get to meet my recently-born cousins and my not-so-recently born cousins and we will probably eat chaw and be happy. 

Okay, I’m done. The end. Bye. 🙂


9 thoughts on “Family Gathering! (Yay…?)

      1. Lol, it exists around us. For instance, I dislike (immensely, for no reason) Justin Bieber. But the dude can sing, I have to give that to him. 😀 Hate/Love

      2. That guy should be given an award. How many people can inspire such mixed emotions towards them globally? LOL!!

  1. It’s better than Ga family relative who talk about marrying you off to their creepy children, with everyone around you smelling of beer. Don’t get me startedd on the fact that in a Ga family EVERYONE even your neighbour is your relative

  2. It’s better than Ga family relatives who talk about marrying you off to their creepy children, with everyone around you smelling of beer. Don’t get me startedd on the fact that in a Ga family EVERYONE even your neighbour is your relative

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