Flight 1: #Done.

LandedI see planes as the ultimate human rebellion against nature. Because it’s completely unnatural! Human beings weren’t meant to FLY. Also, it is one thing to cross places. Places are meant to be transported between. But crossing time zones. But crossing time? Fly for eight hours and you’re 12 hours ahead? Ah!! Human defiance.

‘Niwaes.  There were these nice Afghan people (were they Afghan? They looked it) who gave my brother and I Digestives before our flight. That’s so sweet.

A few discoveries made since I left (or simply things I just feel the need to state. Or restate)
1. Flights can really cramp up your legs. Really.
2. My brother often finds the need to say random things like “There are clouds up here” and “it looks like we’re in space. Wait…are we in space?”

3. Plane bathrooms must be torture for the claustrophobic. Unfortunate my mother is one. (Let’s not get into THAT event.)

4. Emirates is prejudiced against people of my kind. The only two meal options were beef or chicken. Don’t worry I hustled and got a vegetarian meal.

5. There was a person who seriously looked like Simon Cowell on the flight. But he was in economy so obviously it was not him.

6. Some boys wear just singlet and jeans when they travel.

5. People walk around A LOT in airports.

Ok. Next flight in a bit. Blog later. Bye.


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