H3rh! But Why Are Ghanaians So Bored?!

There is absolutely no excuse for this behaviour. The media clearly has nothing to do in this country.

For over a week (as far as I can tell), the radio has been repeating the name Theodosia Okoh, and it’s a shock that I recognise it because I don’t even listen to the radio. At least not consciously.

Theodosia Okoh
Theodosia Okoh

Seriously, what is this? While the Americans are debating over the rights of innocent black boys who got murdered, we are here making a fuss over some guy bi who wants to rename some stadium bi for NO legit reason. Like. Ah.

How hard would it be to tell him, “No, you can’t do it, la!” and move on with life?

Instead they insist on dragging it on for daaaays and producing ridiculous articles online with the title “I want to kiss the president’s legs – Theodosia Oko,” which, by the way, is even a typo cuz that is not how you spell her name and that switching between Oko and Okoh (confusion ooh!) is consistent through out the article.

I tell you. They have nothing to DO.

Still. This isn’t as bad as the time they made such a ginormous deal of somebody’s wedding (or was it a funeral?) where something in the food – was it the jollof or the kelewele or the shito? I forget – gave people food poisoning. Is the media so dry that the only news they can report is the jollof at someone’s private function?

My gaaash.

I conf. Roff.


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