Since I’ve been awake for 33 hours straight…

I can’t honestly say I have a legit reason for having been awake for like 33 hours now. and since I don’t, I will blame it on these:

  1. Sleep is overrated. People abuse it, think too much of it. Waste!
  2. Conventionally, one (a human) is not meant to stay awake throughout the night. And so I just did. Because I’m a nonconformist. 
  3. It takes away the time you could be using to actually DO stuff. If only I was like a Twilight vampire. The brilliant things I would achieve with my nighttime life!
  4. Life is too short to not attempt to damage your physical and mental health once in a while. But anyway this number of hours ain’t no thang. There are WAY worse people in this world. 

And now I know it’s the 13th hour of the day, but…goodnight. 

Your Insomniatic Iconoclast,


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