Because There Is Absolutely Nowhere to sit at the “Mall”

If you’ve been to the Accra Mall, you should know that it’s not a mall. At least, not the conventional idea of a building that is known as a mall. You can go right through it in 60 seconds if you walk fast enough. And if you walk slowly. I highly doubt you’ll reach even five.
Anyway, that is not the point I am stressing here. What frustrates me most about the “mall” is that there’s nowhere to sit! Oh yes, there are a few benches — two or so, I think — but aren’t they constantly occupied? And if you even want to sit in the food court, you have to buy something. And you can’t take your own food.
So. If you happen to be say,

  • Broke
  • Waiting for somebody
  • Not in the mood to stand or walk
  • Terrified of looking as aimless as most people at the mall do
  • Any combination of the above;

What on earth do you do?

Abi that’s what floors are for (apart from for being walked on and stuff)? If you chose to wear skirt, then sorry, it’s your own palava. But why not wear jeans and be free? And then when you get tired, find some corner to sit. It is NOT illegal. I’ve done it. I do it. Multiple times.

People should stop looking at me strangely, as if they don’t understand my plight. It’s simple logic: I’m tired; I sit down.

In fact, I think I should start some sort of revolution. But so far, the only people who have dared to do it with me are Ekow Gwira and Ari. Because they’re cool guys. No argument about it.




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