Too Schooled for Coherence (Part I)

There is a certain gratification that comes with the realization that the world will NOT, in fact, go to blazes just because you are not a part of it, and that those who choose to believe so do that of their own will. There is no reason why this should be a cause of distress, because it implies that they hold you in higher esteem than you are aware you may be worth.

Life is made entirely of choices. One can choose to do everything but that can’t possibly mean one can do everything they wished. From there, we reach the second degree of choice, which is of you choosing either to stick to your choice or to change your mind. If they don’t like it, they probably belong in “Blazes.”

And even after all that, you realize the day was still too long, and for the amount of work you’ve done, nothing has been achieved, which really doesn’t help when every possible assignment is due in the course of the same week. This is a call for you to put the world on pause as you play High School Musical’s “Scream,” when, against orders, you unintentionally lost your voice from praising God.

Mixed feelings.

But why now?

Some things shouldn’t exist.

Yours Truly Insane, 



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