Too Schooled For Coherence (Part III)

‘Tired’ is truly an amazing word. When you think about it, it all comes back down to tiredness, doesn’t it? No other word can cover it all the way the word ‘tired’ can. It’s the ridiculously large amount of truth carried by the singular statement, “I’m tired” that is enough to knock a person’s outer wall down so that they fall down crying inside. It’s true. It’s so true.

Is this a misnomer? Too schooled? More like too lifed. Because school is not and cannot be the sole reason for the loss of sanity. It’s people. It’s things. It’s rules. And when you realize you’re tired of them all, and your most frequently-said sentence is “I hate everyone” and you can see that other people are thinking the same, but are just too grown up to blurt it out the way you do, you realize that this is, in fact, simply not the case. The fact is, it’s exactly the case!

You don’t want to be here, I don’t want to be here. So the question is: why are we here? Why are we doing what we don’t want if it doesn’t actually get any better any time in the foreseeable future? If I had the answer to this question, I’d never question my genius again. You shouldn’t have come here. I shouldn’t be here.

There really is something wrong when work isn’t what’s bothering you anymore. When everyone makes everything about school, there really isn’t much to do but shut everybody out because they have no excuse for being such morons. It’s people. It’s things. It’s rules. And when you realize that people aren’t paying as much attention to people as people should receive, then there’s that urge to give up on everyone and/or everything, all negative-positive (but never neutral) energy which is then transferred into the writing of an incoherent blog post. But look at the title. What did you expect?

It’s too late for “I shouldn’t have”s by now. I should have known better, after all…Oops, there we go again.

The personality split isn’t too weird is it? It’s only natural for someone who is wholesomely together, isn’t it?

Dang. I should be a poet. But poets can’t rock confusion as hard as I can.

I hate everyone.

As I said before, it all comes back to the complete and utter truth which can be found in tiredness.

Yours exhaustedly,




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Today marks the sixteenth day of birth of a very unimportant person. Seriously. We don’t give two pesewas about her, and neither should you. Heck, I wouldn’t even bother myself to wish her a happy birthday, much less write a freaking blog post for her. Why should I?



How do you spell ‘awesome’? O-W-I-R-E-D-U-A. (Don’t believe your dictionaries. They lie to everyone.)

Akos, we adore you, our most professional editor here at TJC. Rocks the job quite well, I must say. Not only is she a great person to work with, but she’s an amazing friend, and confidante and jeez we love her okay? Our girl is growing up so fast! *sniff* Very soon she’s going to be bringing her kids over to our houses and we’re gonna be like, “Yeah. We knew you’re mommy even before she turned 16. Can you believe how…

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From A Distant Lover

The Juvenile Community

“Be here when I most need you.”

The chant of every lover far from their heart.

“I want you here with me so we will never be apart.”

What constitutes our love for each other if we must be together to love?

Can we even be said to have love if, in the grand scheme of things, we cannot hold on to it— this… this idea that we so cherish within ourselves; when the boundaries of space and time are tested and stretched more than we can bear in our limited span of life and attention?

What therefore ensues within us to continue the love we claim to feel for a person who may or may not even exist when observed out of context at any point in time by an independent speculator? What are we holding on to to prove and justify love that makes no sense? Ironic, isn’t…

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The Real Story of Romantic Comedies and Plane Flights

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I must say, I’m kind of irritated at how all these comedy/romance movies these days are so deceptive. Someone can just decide that they want to chase after another person in a plane and then they just go on ahead and do it. They catch the person, confess their undying love, and it’s a happy ending. No. They don’t even have to go through any airport procedures or anything, just rush onto the plane.
I say nay. That’s not what should happen. So here, I’m writing a short sketch to illustrate (see what I did there?) what should actually go down. Let’s call it:


Adam showed up at the airport almost a full hour after Sadia. By then, she, of course, had already checked in, gone through immigration and customs and all of that stuff, but she still had two hours…

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Too Schooled For Coherence (Part 2)

In the confusion, there are moments when you feel sane. You can see the straight path in the midst of the chaos— or it may just be a sudden contraction of temporary blindness.

Nevertheless, in that sobriety, you can sense…something that is not doom. And in this moment, you know that something must be — has to be — wrong. What right have you to be levelheaded when the water has risen six feet above your head? Absolutely none.

So you’re tempted to invite the chronic panic of counter-productivity back into your mind so you can feel correctness in the shatters.

Logic loses meaning.

Some things shouldn’t be right.