The Real Story of Romantic Comedies and Plane Flights

The Juvenile Community

I must say, I’m kind of irritated at how all these comedy/romance movies these days are so deceptive. Someone can just decide that they want to chase after another person in a plane and then they just go on ahead and do it. They catch the person, confess their undying love, and it’s a happy ending. No. They don’t even have to go through any airport procedures or anything, just rush onto the plane.
I say nay. That’s not what should happen. So here, I’m writing a short sketch to illustrate (see what I did there?) what should actually go down. Let’s call it:


Adam showed up at the airport almost a full hour after Sadia. By then, she, of course, had already checked in, gone through immigration and customs and all of that stuff, but she still had two hours…

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