The Juvenile Community

Today marks the sixteenth day of birth of a very unimportant person. Seriously. We don’t give two pesewas about her, and neither should you. Heck, I wouldn’t even bother myself to wish her a happy birthday, much less write a freaking blog post for her. Why should I?



How do you spell ‘awesome’? O-W-I-R-E-D-U-A. (Don’t believe your dictionaries. They lie to everyone.)

Akos, we adore you, our most professional editor here at TJC. Rocks the job quite well, I must say. Not only is she a great person to work with, but she’s an amazing friend, and confidante and jeez we love her okay? Our girl is growing up so fast! *sniff* Very soon she’s going to be bringing her kids over to our houses and we’re gonna be like, “Yeah. We knew you’re mommy even before she turned 16. Can you believe how…

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