Composed on 20th February, around 11.50pm.

When you've stayed up late to do literature coursework which you haven't gotten anywhere with and is due the next day and everyone is making a fuss about irrelevant things like inspection (which has no influence over your set due dates whatsoever), what do you do? You write a parody remix of an overplayed song.… Continue reading Composed on 20th February, around 11.50pm.

The Adventures of Charles Seth Ofori

Forgive me for the lateness of this post; I was supposed to post it on 4th February. However, there's this thing referred to popularly as "school" which hinders people doing certain things at certain times, due to having to do other things for this strange place they call "school." But yes, in other news, today happens to be… Continue reading The Adventures of Charles Seth Ofori