Composed on 20th February, around 11.50pm.

When you’ve stayed up late to do literature coursework which you haven’t gotten anywhere with and is due the next day and everyone is making a fuss about irrelevant things like inspection (which has no influence over your set due dates whatsoever), what do you do? You write a parody remix of an overplayed song.


*to the tune of Beyoncé’s Drunk In Love*
“I’ve been sleeping,
I’ve been sleeping.
The fatigue keeps getting to me, man, and dammit,
I’ve been stressin’,
I’ve been stressin’.
The coursework ain’t gon’ do itself and baby,
I want. June. Now, now.
Why can’t I keep my deadlines in control?
I want June. Now, now.
Lord above!
I want June.
I woke up in front of my textbook saying how did I even fall asleep? Oh baby.
I need a shove!
It was meant to be all night.
I said I remember telling myself I was gonna stay up till one.
But I’m not done!”

-Yours tiredly,

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