The sky had never looked so amazing. The sexy reds and oranges mingled with the yellow to form a gradient of a colour that should, by all rights, have its own name. Coupled with the blues, indigos and purples somewhere in the distance, where it had already turned dark, it was quite the soul-stirring sight.… Continue reading Sunset

What Happened to Grandpa Last Saturday

Hello, beautiful people who waste your time reading what I write! I promised myself to begin an entire category dedicated to my Grandpa, called "Stories of Charles Seth Ofori." A lot of people seemed to like the first story I wrote about him, involving a missing wallet and the lack of water. (If you haven't… Continue reading What Happened to Grandpa Last Saturday

My thoughts: Q&A/Slumdog Millionaire

Akua Kwakwa told me to read this book, which I did, and just finished like...NOW. (Thanks, Akua. You rock.) Author: Vikas Swarup. This book is AMAZING. Quick synopsis: It's about an eighteen-year-old boy who enters a game show to win money by answering twelve questions which he happens to know the answers to because of… Continue reading My thoughts: Q&A/Slumdog Millionaire