The sky had never looked so amazing. The sexy reds and oranges mingled with the yellow to form a gradient of a colour that should, by all rights, have its own name. Coupled with the blues, indigos and purples somewhere in the distance, where it had already turned dark, it was quite the soul-stirring sight. […]

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I happen to be irrefutably in love with stormy weather, something you might have guessed from reading my post from last week (find it here). I wrote this a few months ago, while it was raining. It’s raining now, so I see it fit to post it now.   Rain             She sat beside her […]

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Originally posted on nienaspeaks:
After many observations, I have come out with a definition for democracy:Democracy is when someone with power prepares soup without your consent and when the soup is ready asks if you would like more pepper or salt.

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