Because Working With People Is Hard

[ A bit of necessary news that is not related to this post: I changed my blog’s name and url. Previously, it was (which does not exist anymore) and now it’s (which is where you are now. Duh.) ]

What I’ve Learned:
The last 9 months of my life have really taught me stuff about working with people. It’s not stuff that I can easily chronicle into a numbered list. It’s the kind of knowledge I’ll just possess and find useful when next I have to work with people, which, by the way, is tedious.

I’ve grown to very much appreciate the outcome of things – the final products, I mean. To illustrate, I will use an analogy of a cake: there is a nice, chocolatey, ice-cream-filled, soft, Black Forest cake, with a swirl of whip cream on top. Previously, I’d just have eaten it and enjoyed it. NOW, I’d have to look at that cake and wonder how much trouble the chef had to go through to get it done right, on time and delivered. Did his crew, if he had one, easily comply? Or did they raise ridiculous complications like buying self-raising flour instead of all-purpose flour, thereby screwing everything up fro three hours until someone free enough got a car to go to the supermarket for more?

This is what school, random assignments and The Juvenile Community (not necessarily in that order) have made me experience, and I will by no means say it is a bad thing. The truth about life is that humans aren’t ALWAYS going to agree with each other, not even when they are REQUIRED to work together. There are examples of this absolutely everywhere.

Honestly? It STARTLED me to know that my inclusion in this project (The Juvenile Community) turned out to go far beyond pressing that “publish” button every few days. Because working with people is actually very hard.

One Stunned Victim of Reality,

2 thoughts on “Because Working With People Is Hard

  1. Yep, it’s never easy.

    It reminds me of this saying:

    “No work is that difficult, it’s the people that we work with.”

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