I Triggered Light-Off. LOL.

Everyone who viewed my snap story yesterday has already heard this one, but I’m blogging it for the sake of it. So I’m in Johannesburg, and lodging with my aunt and cousins. Their community hadn’t seen light off (power outage, or whatever it’s called in Brofo) in two years, so there was, of course, no […]

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Reality Shows’ Reality

A little Ghanaian girl gets home from school and rushes through her homework so she can watch TV. While her classmates are hooked on Tom and Jerry, or Phineas and Ferb, or some other cartoon which the world has clearly, repeatedly and accurately labelled as ‘fiction’, the aforementioned girl takes the DSTv remote and switches […]

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A Recreated Friendship

You know why I don’t actually regret the life I live even though I hate it most of the time? Because from each one of my ordeals, I can produce something to write about. Here’s a true story in poetic form. ——————————- A Recreated Friendship I was twelve when he said, “Be mine.” And I […]

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Originally posted on SUNDAY'S CHILD:
Ohio. When I was younger I figured Ohio was a place where people were allowed to smoke and get high 24/7. Well. Sometimes my thoughts get crazy like that. I call it the Ohio state. Like in Ohio state, Candy Crush Saga is just a story where unbelievably hot…