I Triggered Light-Off. LOL.

Everyone who viewed my snap story yesterday has already heard this one, but I’m blogging it for the sake of it. So I’m in Johannesburg, and lodging with my aunt and cousins. Their community hadn’t seen light off (power outage, or whatever it’s called in Brofo) in two years, so there was, of course, no… Continue reading I Triggered Light-Off. LOL.

I’d Catch A Grenade For You

The Juvenile Community

My name is Abdul, and I’m here today to tell you that the media is a dangerous thing. This is not going to be another one of those “don’t smoke just because silly paintings (and yes, once more than half of a person’s body is covered in tattoos, he/she becomes a painting) like Wiz Khalifa are doing it in their music videos” lectures. I’m so over that. What we actually need to worry about are the heartfelt love-songs.

There’s something I neglected to mention in my introduction: I’m dead. As you can predict from that last sentence, I am about to tell you how I died – actually, how a song killed me.

The year I died, I was seventeen, you know, and it was all thanks to my girlfriend Laetitia. She was from the Eastern region, and she was the most romance-obsessed chick I’d ever met in my life…

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The country is crying/insulting/sleeping right now. But imma reblog this anyway cuz it’s crazy funny.


Ohio. When I was younger I figured Ohio was a place where people were allowed to smoke and get high 24/7. Well.

Sometimes my thoughts get crazy like that. I call it the Ohio state. Like in Ohio state, Candy Crush Saga is just a story where unbelievably hot guys have crushes on me, or Twitter is a place where twits converge and say whatever’s on their mind. Although, if you think about it…

Sometime after 10pm today, in Ohio state I was Jordan Ayew after the match with Germany. Usually, the guy who interviews goes for the captains, but in Ohio state today, they chose the fool who complicated Ghana’s chances of qualifying for the world cup Round-of-16 stage. For simplicity sake, we’ll call the guy with the microphone: Mike.

Mike: So Jordan…what happened out there tonight?

This is the weird part. Now, I don’t know about you, in…

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My thoughts on a book which we must never allow the like of to be published again. Ever.

My mother likes telling me that I say every book I read is ‘amazing’. I beg to differ. The reason she hasn’t heard me slander a book is because hardly do I ever finish bad books. Why put myself through torture? But this one…I’m about to SLAY it. Following a habit I picked up from… Continue reading My thoughts on a book which we must never allow the like of to be published again. Ever.