Note that this was written for the sake of sheer stupidity. đŸ™‚


I knew at once that I was at major crossroads in my life. You would have thought that after being faced with this same choice day after day, sometimes even multiple times in one day, that I’d have gotten used to it.

Not true. It never got easier. Left? Further left? Right? Further right? Or directly in front of me? So many roads. So little time to choose. Necessity tried to speed up my decision. Biology fueled the necessity to speed up my decision. They made things go faster but made nothing easier.

I stood there and deliberated. Someone walked in and intruded on my thoughts. Someone stared at me like I was crazy. Someone didn’t understand; no-one understood my dilemma.

After a few more seconds, I went with my sense of smell. I took the path of least resistance—and anyway, the number of options had decreased by one. That was because Someone never spent as long on this grave life choice as I did.

I sucked in my breath, held my head high and walked right into the left bathroom stall. I’d repeat it all again an hour after my next drink.


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