My thoughts: Seraphina

Author: Rachel Hartman (who, by the way, has a very cool sense of humour, as I saw in the Cast of Characters) section.


I erased all doubt that I was a mindless book-trend obsessive after I read Eragon. I didn’t actually hate that series until after Eldest, but I can’t say I enjoyed Eragon much, whereas the other common Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings fans were all over it… But that is not the point I am making.

Seraphina happens to be yet another dragon book, and I know Christopher Paolini (author of Eragon) endorsed it. Obviously, that’s not why I read it. I read it because of Rick Riordan, who is, by the way, how I find new books 50% of the time.

I really like Seraphina! I know the problem with writing these kinds of books is the fear of being so cliché with the medieval-type themes and the high fantasy that so many authors have already done, but I haven’t seen this (by “this”, I am encompassing the essence of the book as a whole) before, which is great!

I was actually confused and a bit bored at first, because it’s usually disorienting for me to suddenly plunge down into yet another entire world compressed into a book, but I managed it and got to love it. There’s one thing though (I say “thing” because I’m not certain if it is good or bad) which is the romance that inevitably shows up in the novel. Just as I was anticipating a book without baseless romance, Seraphina goes and falls in love with —BOOM— a Prince! But I really don’t want to object because I’m secretly a romantic and not-so-secretly a fairytale-lover. Do not be deceived: this is no fairytale.

On the whole, I do believe this is the first book in which I have actually liked dragons, so kudos to Rachel Hartman! And kudos still for having a long enough imagination in this new world to reach far enough back into pre-tech times and pull them into your book. And it’s a beautifully-written book; linguistically artistic.

Favourite quotes:

There are melodies that speak as eloquently as words, that flow logically and inevitably from a single, pure emotion.

Isn’t that poetic? I love music.

My own survival required me to counterbalance interesting with invisible.

I like this because as an introvert who still needs friends to survive, I feel this way unbelievably often.

Let the one who seeks justice be just.

No explanation needed.

Heaven has fashioned a knife of irony to stab me with.

Isn’t that almost Shakespearean? It’s something that’s likely to pop out of my mouth when I’m in a ridiculous situation.

The borderlands of madness used to have so much sterner signage around them than they do now.

If the rate at which otherwise perfectly ordinary people are pronounced “mad” for a single peculiarity is any indication…

Everyone gawps at you for something you can’t help and did nothing to deserve.

In the book, this was referring to bastardry, but I take it our of context and relate it to certain overly large parts of my body…

Sometimes, the truth has difficulty breaching the city walls of our beliefs. A lie, dressed in the correct livery, passes through more easily.

Happy Reading,

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