“Musings on a May Night” by Ivana Akoto Ofori.

Written for FlashFiction Ghana.

Flash Fiction Ghana

Rain is here. I wash my clothes and I wait in fear for the element that desires nothing more than to prove my work futile. There’s nothing like the paradox of a Ghanaian night in May to spark memories. Indoors- ɛhyew wɔ mu: it’s hot. Outdoors-awɔ de me: I’m cold. Yet I’d rather not wear a cardigan (yes, even in spite of the vicious mosquitoes). I wouldn’t be able to feel the cool breeze. It’s as close as Ghana’s air ever gets to frosty, though “crisp” is a better descriptor.
What I’d really like – forget that it’s late – is a bowl of fufu and steaming hot abɛnkwan, to counter (or complement, whichever you prefer) the cold air. My thoughts take me back to ten years ago, age eight, on a similar May night. Except I wasn’t wishing for palm nut – I was pounding it.

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4 thoughts on ““Musings on a May Night” by Ivana Akoto Ofori.

  1. I’d grown into the habit of expecting unexpected endings to any short story I found on the net. This is the first straightforward story I’ve appreciated in a long time, just for the writing.

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