What is he going to teach them?

On Sunday, I was at my great-aunt Agatha’s house with an uncle and the one and only Charles Seth Ofori, the coolest grandpa in the world. I got intrigued about their conversation when Grandpa and Grandma Agatha began to rant about Ghanaian politics and general human behaviour.

Here’s one thing we should note: Grandma Agatha is the absolute strongest nonagenarian I have ever seen. She may be nearing a hundred, but blast you if you believe, for even a second, that she has lost a fraction of her lucidity! One such blasted man, who happens to be the boy who comes to cut her grass, was mentioned somewhere in these rants, and I am going to relay what she said as accurately as my memory will allow.

“This boy who comes to cut my grass…when we give him sachet water, he just [here, she performs a throwing hand gesture with nonchalance] throws it on the floor! And when we give him food, you come and collect the plate, and there are just…toffee, gum wrappers everywhere! You know, this boy recently finished what we call SSS (senior secondary school…although I believe it’s senior HIGH school now) at Aquinas, and now he goes to a teacher’s training college. I don’t understand this education system. I don’t know what they teach the children in school. If this boy becomes a teacher, what is he going to teach the children?”

I, of course, am not going to continue the rant, because, hey, what haven’t you heard before? What I can tell you, however! is that at least ONE very satirical story is going to come out of this, so please, stay tuned. Many other rants have inspired me to think up many other stories, and I’m actually promising to write them all down before any of them escapes me forever. Who knows? I might actually start a short series.

By the way, if anybody has any practical, workable ideas as to how to correct the psyche of the “educated” but common sense-lacking Ghanaian, please let me know, so that the “elite” and co can do more than just sit at home and rant about it. Thanks.

Amen to future satires and mental development!

Ivana Akoto Ofori

2 thoughts on “What is he going to teach them?

  1. I love all your writing I have read. I have read you enouh to appreciate the fluency of your works and the awareness of personality that comes through every of them. Keep it going.

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