Misadventures of a Young Unfortunate (I)

I believe I exist to be foolish. =D

The Juvenile Community

Author’s Note: This writing is a piece of fiction, and any coincidences with names or characters and people reading are purely coincidental, or necessary for the content of this story. Also, if you have the narrator’s name, your life probably sucks, and I pity you.

Warning: There is slightly vulgar content. Reader discretion is advised.

Misadventures of a Young Unfortunate (I)

Hello. My name is…well, you’ll find out soon enough. What you need to know is: I am a very unfortunate person, and I’ve had to carry this misfortune with me all my life. I’m fourteen now. That means about eleven years of consciousness of my misfortune. I bet you’re wondering what it is that has made me think of myself as so unlucky. Well I’ll tell you. It’s my name.

I’ll start from the beginning: my parents. Ever since they were kids, my parents had always had an affection…

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