Festivals in Ghana

Re-living Class 6’s Social Studies… 🙂


Festivals are a very important part of Ghanaian culture, so if you are planning a trip to Ghana, try to catch one of them, to truly come into contact with Ghanaian traditions. Ghanaian festivals are colourful and vibrant. For those who want to live this cultural, musical and historical moment you can start planning your trip checking some accommodation options on classified sites such as Adepafie.com where you could find a flat to rent which will be obviously more convenient than a hotel room.

So now let’s find out together which are the most important and most amusing festivals in Ghana.

Adae and Akwasidae – These festival takes place in Kumasi, in the Ashanti Region, and it brings to life the pomp and the pageantry of the Ashanti Kingdom. Sometimes, even the king comes out to receive homage from sub-chiefs.

Edina Bronya – This one takes place…

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