#Randomosity: Three random things that happened yesterday

1. I was at Sandton City, right, and I was checking out some clothes at JayJays. Then one of the employees came and asked if I could move aside so he could go into the store room. And he had these short dreadlocks. And when he looked at me, he saw my hair and he was all like, “Oooh, I like your hair!” in his South African accent, and I smiled and said thank you, but in my head I was like, “Haha, of course you would, you’re a rastafarian!” (Background information: I have natural twists.)

2. Just when I thought that since I was travelling within Africa for the first time, I wouldn’t have to go through all the people who obsessed over my skin colour or my accent or whatever and constantly asked where I’m from… For the most part, I was right, but this one guy who worked at Typo just surprised me, my cousin and her friend, when he asked “Oooh, so you’re from Ghana!?” He must have heard us talking about school, because we were talking about my cousin moving to Ghana and going to HGIC. And yeah, he happened to be an African language fanatic and wouldn’t let us chill until we’d taught him how to say ‘good morning’ in Twi and a Western Ugandan language whose name I have forgotten (my cousin’s friend was Ugandan). So. That was a funny episode.

3. As we were leaving Sandton City, we saw this woman who SHOULD HAVE been a fashion disaster, but wasn’t…at least not completely. Her ensemble was CRAZY, though. She wore a t-shirt with a denim jacket over it, and an ankle-length green african-print skirt, AND a pair of red Converse All-Stars. How crazy can you freaking get?! If I tried to dress like that, my mother would probably put me under house arrest and make me watch the Style Network or something. I’m kidding. Except for the house arrest part.


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