I Triggered Light-Off. LOL.

Everyone who viewed my snap story yesterday has already heard this one, but I’m blogging it for the sake of it.

So I’m in Johannesburg, and lodging with my aunt and cousins. Their community hadn’t seen light off (power outage, or whatever it’s called in Brofo) in two years, so there was, of course, no need for a generator. Hence, they did not have one.

And then I showed up. With my typical Ghanaian bad luck, in the middle of the winter. During the day, the temperature is manageable. In the night, however, your luckiest is single digit positive degrees. If you’re not lucky, look at the temperatures with the minus sign attached. So we were just chilling, one one’s typical lazy Saturday, and I was outside…and then just like that – no electricity. There wasn’t any telltale sound or anything. I just noticed it because of the wi-fi sign suddenly disappearing from the top of my phone’s screen.

Let me tell you now: when you have no heat, in the winter, at night, nor light, you will sleep like a statue under many, many blankets. Not because you are sleeping deeply, but because once you move a limb, you might touch a spot of your bed that has NOT been previously warmed by your body…and that’s not very fun.

So from this, I learned that dumsor doesn’t happen to Ghanaians. Ghanaians happen to dumsor. It follows us. There is no escape. **evil laugh**.


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