I made a book. Call me Folchart.

I’m heavily influenced by the books I read. I mean, this should be obvious to people who know me. I’ve called myself a witch, a demigod, Artemis Fowl’s wife… (those last two still hold) and many less outrageous things. I have, however, never been a werewolf or a vampire. But I will advocate for the […]

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Neighbours The adder reared its head and poised to strike. Its eyes were vicious and its tongue flickered out menacingly, possibly to try to get a taste of its victim. Behind it, the copperhead swayed lazily, having just been woken from slumber by the irritating sound of the rattlesnake’s tail shaking. The victim didn’t show […]

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You Have So Much Faith

You have so much faith. Seriously. It’s crazy, the amount of faith you have. It’s in so much abundance that you don’t even notice it any more than you notice yourself breathing. You don’t believe me? Faith is ridiculous and unfounded, you say? But you have it. Let me prove it to you. Remember that […]

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Ghanaians, Pizza and Coffee

I like pizza. I am also some kind of vegetarian. I don’t actually know if there’s a definite class for it yet, but I don’t eat meat. I do, however, eat eggs and all seafood, and diary products. It’s not pescatarian, it’s not strictly lacto-vegetarian, it’s not ovo-vegetarian. Whatever. I’m going to stick to calling […]

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And he bought his groundnuts!

My Grandfather, Charles Seth Ofori, never could fully comprehend the narcissistic tendencies of the female mind. But that didn’t bother him much when he was a teen in Achimota School. Charles was too poor to own shoes, so he went around barefoot. Going barefoot didn’t really bother him much — but being broke did. It […]

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Drop-Dead Gorgeous

They always said the girls handled the breakups better; they’d rant and cry to their friends, watch countless romance movies and eat a lot of ice cream, and maybe, occasionally send the enraged text message to the ex in frustration. The boys, they said, when they weren’t completely passive or short-term mad and restless, could […]

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