I made a book. Call me Folchart.

I’m heavily influenced by the books I read. I mean, this should be obvious to people who know me. I’ve called myself a witch, a demigod, Artemis Fowl’s wife… (those last two still hold) and many less outrageous things. I have, however, never been a werewolf or a vampire. But I will advocate for the… Continue reading I made a book. Call me Folchart.

Ghanaians, Pizza and Coffee

I like pizza. I am also some kind of vegetarian. I don’t actually know if there’s a definite class for it yet, but I don’t eat meat. I do, however, eat eggs and all seafood, and diary products. It’s not pescatarian, it’s not strictly lacto-vegetarian, it’s not ovo-vegetarian. Whatever. I’m going to stick to calling… Continue reading Ghanaians, Pizza and Coffee

And he bought his groundnuts!

My Grandfather, Charles Seth Ofori, never could fully comprehend the narcissistic tendencies of the female mind. But that didn’t bother him much when he was a teen in Achimota School. Charles was too poor to own shoes, so he went around barefoot. Going barefoot didn’t really bother him much -- but being broke did. It… Continue reading And he bought his groundnuts!