Kobby’s New Word

Note: this post is along the same lines as Corn Balls.

During the previously blogged-about light-off, I was in the kitchen with my two cousins, Eraj (who is my age) and her brother, Kobby (he’s eleven).

We were bored and we were waiting for my aunt to come downstairs so we could go out. Cool. Obviously that means random conversation. One thing led to another then another etc. Until we were talking about Twi.

“You don’t even know how to speak Twi, Kobby,” said Eraj.

“Yeah I do! Say something to me!” Kobby pleaded.

I responded, “Ka bibi kyer3 me.”

I have completely forgotten what he translated it as, but it was so off and hilarious that Eraj and I broke down laughing.

Eager to defend himself, Kobby said, “I know how to say ‘go bath’ in Twi.”

“How do you say it, then?” we asked.


-Your favourite girl,


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