A Heartfelt Message

The human brain truly is a wonder. It’s astounding, the things it makes us do. Its amazingness is constantly obvious, but never more so than as seen in humans’ relations with one another.

First of all, in the words of a very good friend, “I dislike compulsory socialisation. Please make me feel justified in allocating brain cells to the acknowledgement of your existence.” That quote has practically captured my entire essence. I will not pretend we are the only ones. And so, to take it from there, people meet, and hopefully their respective existence means something to the other. Or so one hopes.

The best time to find out if true significance has been established by one in any person’s brain is on one’s birthday.

Scene I: An acquaintance logs on to Facebook, and by the grace of all that is good, sees the notification, “It’s ____’s birthday today.” Brilliant! Now they can go ahead and pretend they did not forget about your own existence entirely, and pretend like they actually care. And so, having been reminded that you do indeed live on the same planet and know each others’ names, they prepare a very sincere, heartfelt message for you.

No, no, no, stop. Stop feeling bitter just because they didn’t know/remember your birthday without the help of Facebook. Be thankful that they bothered to take the time off their infinitely more important day to write on your wall in the first place. Appreciate it. Okay? It’s on your wall. Where everyone can see it. Let your profile wear it with pride.

Scene II: You log on. Oh look, someone whose long name you barely remember, although they breathe your air everyday, ahs written on your wall! You click the notification and anticipate, getting annoyed at your disappointing internet connection. Finally, it loads. You see the letters “Hbd.”

  1. Mentally, begin to rain the insults like a thunderstorm.
  2. Comment, “You could at least have typed out something slightly longer than your display name. Next time, do me a favour and pretend to have forgotten, like everybody else.”
  3. Log the heck off.


PS, on a more serious note, if you’re one of those people who just writes ‘hbd’ on people’s walls, know that I secretly kind of hate you. ❤

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