My Thoughts: Life of Pi

Author: Yann Martel


First off: hahahahahaaaa! What kind of stretched imagination does it take to come up with this stuff? This book is HILARIOUS!

The subject matter is pretty appropriate for the time it was set in. In the days of my father and grandfather, all the ‘interesting’/’approved’ books were apparently tales of the sea. Think Gulliver’s Travels, Treasure Island, Robinson Crusoe etc. But which one of those stories every involved a Bengal tiger and a Hindu son of a zookeeper? None.

In this strange cross between satire and farce, I was frequently warring with myself on whether or not to laugh because there were actually a lot of pathetic and/or gruesome bits, but the manner in which they were told would inappropriately elicit a giggle from me every time.

It is not, however, a completely easy book to read. Some parts are long and annoyingly uneventful, but legit, as that is the life of a person shipwrecked for seven months. In between reading, I stopped and read James Patterson’s ‘Nevermore’ for the second time (I needed a fast-action distraction that day) before returning to the adventures of Pi Patel.

There is an astounding amount of irony and plain ridiculousness in this book, the most memorable of which I believe, is that an Indian boy could be called, of all things, Piscine.

I’d read this book on a lazy, slow day, for an easy laugh. But Yann Martel, I must say: you’re a fool.


2 thoughts on “My Thoughts: Life of Pi

  1. Whaaaaat? A fool? Wow! Okay. I admit, a bit slow at first as I was expecting a tiger right out of the gate, but, in the end I really really appreciated Yann’s tale. I felt as though he was able to tell a story by telling another story and in doing that, he tells another. Like an onion or something, it had layers. I totally dug that.
    I appreciate your thoughts on the book and Yann, as well. You’ve made me want to go back and reread it now. Cheers ~

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