A Hairy Situation: The Origins.

Humans, aliens and demigods.
I am here to introduce what may prove to be one of the funniest nonfa blogs you will ever encounter: The Study of Nonsense (thestudyofnonsense.wordpress.com). Note that I have nothing to do with this one, other than being friends with the author.
I formally congratulate Simeon for starting a blog. WHOOP!
But chale…Follow TJC first.

The Study of Nonsense

The only reason I do not have facial hair is that I was born bald but with a full beard. When I was two, it got bored, crawled up my face and nestled itself on my brows and scalp. I’d never had that much hair in my life. I never went through puberty but when I was nine, my mum started trying to cut my hair and that only angered it. It crawled down into my armpits and was never seem again until I took up meditation. After a while, I was able to get my hair growth down to just a little above the ordinary level, but that would cause a build up on the inside, so I started spewing hair balls. It was the only adjective I use to describe terrible events: terrible. Everything one of those hair balls hit grew a handlebar moustache. They tried to lock…

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