My Thoughts: The Slated Trilogy

Author: Teri Terry

One question: why is everyone doing triliogies these days? Alright, whatever. Here’s another trilogy, consisting of Slated, Fractured and Shattered. I just finished it (yay!). One thing that makes me really happy is that it’s not American. No offense to Americans. I myself am a citizen of the USA – but I feel like they are taking over the Young Adult Fiction world. Thee whole UK thing was a pretty cool change.


It is not, however, very different from most dystopian series, but it appeals to me personally because of the whole identity crisis struggle going on. Let me explain, no spoilers. Slating is a process, which clears your memories and leaves you able to begin building yourself again, without knowledge of your past. Its purpose is to give criminals a chance to live as ignorant innocents. The whole idea of being multiple people at once and inventing different pasts and/or paths fascinates me, since, as we all know, I don’t like who I am, and if I could change that, it would be great. By the end of the series, the main character herself has gone through about five names – no exaggeration.

I don’t know how to explain that the trilogy is stereotypical without actually being stereotypical, because it even baffles me. But it’s an easy, fast read and makes one keen to continue. Unlike many series, it ends with a finality that doesn’t make you think, “Ah, there HAVE to be more pages than this!” Teri Terry is a very good storyteller.


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