#Randomosity: If I had a superpower…

Okay, most people would probably say things like they want to be able to fly, or have x-ray vision or telekinesis or mind-reading or, even irresistible attractiveness…whatever. (Maybe that would be my second choice.)

But if I could have any superpower I pleased, I’d choose the ability to find stuff. What kind of stuff, you ask? Absolutely anything. It’s not an unfounded wish. You see, I have the truly stunning ability to completely misplace anything I was just holding. I’m not kidding.

Once, I lost my glasses for about a week, and I found them wedged between my bed and my bedside table. I’ve lost a crazy amount of money. I’ve misplaced books and found them in the most random places years later. I can pick up my phone and update my Facebook status and press send. Then BOOM! The phone is gone. As I’m writing this post in my notebook, my pen may just disappear mid-sentence. (This actually happened earlier today and I still haven’t found it…)

So, yeah, the ability to know the precise location of anything I wished would be a pretty cool superpower. I’d be the best High School Private Investigator in the world. Oh, you lost your homework? It’s under the second desk in the third row from the left in the next classroom. Or I could tell you exactly whose pocket/wallet the 5 cedis you lost last week is sitting in. I’d always know where to get my stuff when I need it.

It would be such a huge relief, because I’m so tired of losing things. Right now, for instance, I’d very much like to know where my guitar pick is and where my Staedtler pen has gone to…don’t even get me started on the jewellery. Oh, yeah, and I woke up this morning and could neither find my belt nor the jeans they were on. I need help, before I lose my head too…

I’m genuinely curious, so I want to know: if you had a superpower, what would it be? Conventional or unconventional? If you leave a comment response, I promise to reply. 🙂


4 thoughts on “#Randomosity: If I had a superpower…

  1. I like this. Totally witty and funny.
    My superpower would definately be to know everything. Not like yours. But like that guy from Limitless. And i dont think superspeed and teleportation would be bad either.

    1. Thank you! 🙂
      As for knowing everything, don’t you think there’s a high chance of going insane?
      [That moment when you eat the fruit and realise that you’re butt-naked…LOL.] But hey, if you got people to listen to you, you could save the world!
      As for teleportation, YES. I don’t have time to be waiting 2 years for a driver’s lisence. :’D

    1. True. Quite profound.
      But on a more trivial scale, I’d find all the movie directors and show them how the books went down in my brain and make them cry that my imagination was better than their crap. 😉

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