You Have So Much Faith

You have so much faith. Seriously. It’s crazy, the amount of faith you have. It’s in so much abundance that you don’t even notice it any more than you notice yourself breathing. You don’t believe me? Faith is ridiculous and unfounded, you say? But you have it. Let me prove it to you.

Remember that time when you left your homework for the next morning? You were so sure that by the next morning, you’d been in a healthy enough condition to complete it. On that night, some people woke up in the middle of the night with asthma attacks and were rushed to an ER.

What about that time you told a friend or a family member that you’d see them when you come back, right before you stepped on board for a flight? Some Malaysian Airlines passengers surely must have done the same.

Each time you have sat inside a car, you chose to believe that you would arrive at your destination. Each time you step out onto the street, you are sure that you won’t be hit by a meteor. When you go outside in the rain, you don’t even consider the possibility of being struck by lightning.

You exercise your faith each time you say the words, “I’m going to” or “I will” or “see you later…” Each time you draw a breath, you believe it won’t be your last.

You believe the sun will rise on cue and the moon will take its place on schedule; you believe that the sea will remain wet and the Sahara will remain a desert, that plants will grow from soil and that in ten minutes, your lungs will be able to function as properly as they are now.

Though you may look at me incredulously because of what people call ‘my faith’, I think you have so much more faith than me. After all, I am less sure than the sun will rise than I am that the sun was made by Someone who can switch it off.


5 thoughts on “You Have So Much Faith

  1. To be hit by a meteor? Seriously??
    You had to go there, didn’t you? 🙂

    But yeah, I feel this post. There’s so much proof out there. . .

    This post about faith has got me reminiscing; the other day I tweeted about the metaphysical part of what we call ‘the economy’. . .

    *pauses to think*

    Naah, it won’t make sense now.
    Let me do some more brooding. Hopefully, I should write it soon if procrastination permits.

    You see the faith right there? 🙂

  2. Faith has been coming up in my convos a lot these past few days, I relate very much to this!

    Some weeks ago, I became a bit too conscious of death…and yes, it made me realize the unintentional exercising of faith that goes on with us every passing minute.

    Mentioned to a colleague this past Friday that every time I tell folks at home ‘Merekɔ aba’ every morning it hits me. Maybe cos I have seen a lot change in split seconds (motor accidents especially) and freak domestic accidents too. Even thinking back how I land in hospital sometimes…the ‘I was perfectly okay a few minutes ago’ hits me.

    So yeah…a lot of the time I realize when I become conscious, I am almost faithless, less trusting…good thing? Bad? Well I still go ahead with life anyway, at least I am not paralyzed by the ‘what ifs’ so maybe…just maybe, in all the questioning and thoughts lies even greater faith.

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