From The Postcode To The Globe

Errol Lawson is a very cool dude. He was part of the design team during AIX (Ashesi Innovation Experience) and the man’s energy is contagious! Every time he got up to stand in front of us, you know that in the next 30 seconds, the whole room would be trying to bring down the ceiling […]

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The Other Side

The Other Side [Akotowaa’s note: Grandpa shared this with me when he came back from the dentist’s a few days ago. Now I’m sharing it with the world. But each story needs to have an input from its teller. Hence, I’ve put flesh on and embellished the truth, as I tend to do.]   Charles […]

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Invitations of Speech

First and foremost, this post and piece of fiction is dedicated to Simeon G. Mark Cofie, also known as The NonFaLoGist (and blogs at, who has one of the most amazing minds I have ever had the pleasure of being exposed to. This post, in fact was inspired by one of his, “Like a […]

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