Summer Highlights: Chalewote 2014

My summer is coming to an end. I might as well blog about its highlights now, since I go to school on Saturday. The first one I'm blogging about is Chalewote 2014, which I attended on 23rd August. Chalewote is a Ghanaian street art festival, and it was my first time attending, since:1. This year… Continue reading Summer Highlights: Chalewote 2014

From The Postcode To The Globe

Errol Lawson is a very cool dude. He was part of the design team during AIX (Ashesi Innovation Experience) and the man’s energy is contagious! Every time he got up to stand in front of us, you know that in the next 30 seconds, the whole room would be trying to bring down the ceiling… Continue reading From The Postcode To The Globe

Ghanaians and Reading, Kids and Literacy

Sigh. I don’t like speaking about such deep things when it comes to my country, because I’m very naïve and the issues I form opinions about are usually ‘beyond me’ and my ability to grasp or understand. (Leave me alone, I’m only sixteen.) But this one dier, I have to post about it, get it… Continue reading Ghanaians and Reading, Kids and Literacy

I have discovered why Ashesi students are so cool.

There are some people that make places cool. There are some places that make people cool. Ashesi, apparently, is/has both. Is that even fair? In my head, there’s like, this group of the ‘cool Ghanaians’ and as my (former?) roommate, Owiredua will tell you, they al know each other. And we both want to be… Continue reading I have discovered why Ashesi students are so cool.