Universal Syntax

The concept of universal syntax I have come up with has not yet come to be regarded as "common"...which I think is absolutely absurd, because just about everyone in the world has one — a universe. Don't bother trying to deny it, please. We cannot possibly say — even in the case of colours— that… Continue reading Universal Syntax

The Typecasts That We Create

You'll have to forgive me for generalising with this one. The problem is, for most of my life the past two years, I have been existing in this microcosm of a school, SOS-HGIC, thus my current general idea of "humans" is of the humans around me. So, though it is unhealthy, to avoid unnecessary dissent,… Continue reading The Typecasts That We Create

My Thoughts: And the Mountains Echoed

Author: Khaled Hosseini.Every time someone asked to see the book, or hear its title, the general response was, “Ei, it sounds deep.” My response to that was: well, it is.I cannot specifically tell you the subject matter of the book. It was not very defined, and it was winding through narrators, central characters and time… Continue reading My Thoughts: And the Mountains Echoed