Her favourite place to get away is a waterfall. Hidden deep in a village in the Volta region, it remains unknown to most people, and thus, unexploited. There, she finds serenity, and blissfully distances herself from people. She does not write there; neither does she draw. Those come later. At the waterfall, all she does is look. 

Sometimes, she looks with her eyes open. At others, she looks with them shut. In both cases, she sees. With her eyes open, she sees natural beauty that man has not yet poisoned with filth or tampered with. She sees the beauty that is visible. She sees freely rushing water that turns to white once it crashes forcefully on the rocks and produces foam. Beyond, the gently rippling water reflects the cloudless blue of the sky. 

She sees with her ears as well; the sound of the water falling, falling like a God is crying tears of joy. She can hear the relentless beating of the water against the rock. It is like a giant, paradoxical chorus of the loudest possible “Shhhh!”; one that overshadows entirely whoever was meant to be silenced in the first place. It suits her just as well, because she wouldn’t want to hear herself think. 

Without her eyes, she sees the waterfall as the dynamic thing it is; the very god of adaptability. Throwing a mere stone in the water will not change the consuming force of the body itself. Plunging a stick in it cannot change, but at most, insignificantly alter its course. It keeps cool in the summer, and all rain does is help it. Even barricading it sounds like a sin. Dam. Damn? As in damnation, for defying the powers of water. As if you can be its master. But dams aren’t eternal. 

Water does not need the approval of man to flow. Neither does it require acceptance to cascade. Water manages to alter while keeping constant. It never tries to be something else. Water finds its way out in the shortest possible time. 

So, with her eyes closed, she studies water, sometimes submerging herself in it. She is determined to learn its ways. With enough practice and dedication, one day, she will be able to tackle life with the adaptability of water. It is her own self-taught lesson of water ninjutsu. 

But whether or not she succeeds, the water will fall.

-Akotowaa =)

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