How much sense does it make To suffocate at the hands of an enemy Who claims to love you More than your own life? The irony. As if it was ever theirs to love! There is no kind of adoration That ignores the pleading cries of, “I’m dying inside!” All for the sake of a […]

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Not all dairy be Dairy.

Sigh. You miss all the good things when you’re in school. It seems as though my grandfather is not the only one in the house who forms blog-worthy stories in his daily life. This happened a few weeks ago, and this one involves my dad William Delali Ofori Snr, and my brother, William Delali Ofori […]

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Perfect Prefect Shenanigans

Grandpa was not an innocent boy in school. This is one of many shenanigans, soon to be released, now in his retirement, when nobody can catch him. LOL. I thought this particular one would be better if written from the perspective of my grandfather, Charles Seth Ofori. I never quite understood what it was that […]

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The Price of Insect Pleasure

This is a true story, told to me by the one, the only, **drumroll** Charles Seth Ofori. When Grandpa Charles was a little boy in Vakpo, there was a certain delicacy that almost all in the village were familiar with: locusts. (Darling, don’t scrunch your face up in disgust; my mother confirms that they are […]

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