My Grandfather Was a Yellow Journalist Rascal

Recently, in Language and Literature class, we began to learn about the progression of mass media communication, which led also to a discussion on yellow journalism. Yellow journalism is basically tinted pure journalism (duh. Hence the yellowing). Newspapers became less serious, so to speak. Rather than being grave and professional, journalism became humorous and sensational.… Continue reading My Grandfather Was a Yellow Journalist Rascal

My Future Is A Melange of False Certainty and Certain Dreams.

Let's not pretend like I know where I'm going in life; I don't. But the course of my academic life certainly suggests I do - falsely, of course. My Higher Level courses: Geography, Math, Physics. My Standard Level courses: French, Language and Literature, Information Technology in a Global Society. You can totally see where I'm… Continue reading My Future Is A Melange of False Certainty and Certain Dreams.

The Price of Insect Pleasure

This is a true story, told to me by the one, the only, **drumroll** Charles Seth Ofori. When Grandpa Charles was a little boy in Vakpo, there was a certain delicacy that almost all in the village were familiar with: locusts. (Darling, don’t scrunch your face up in disgust; my mother confirms that they are… Continue reading The Price of Insect Pleasure