Because, of course, all Africans have ebola.

What I am about to say is a true story. I am actually not making this up. Do you remember when I introduced my uncle Q on Ghanaians, Pizza and Coffee? Well, go and read it, because I’m too lazy to explain his name again.

He lives in Seattle with his wife Enyo, and son Ethan (whose middle name is also Akoto. He-he). It just so happened that earlier last week, Ethan’s toe began to swell. They thought it might go away, but it didn’t. So, yesterday, they decided to go and have it checked out at the hospital, to make sure it wasn’t osteomyelitis.

Thankfully, it is not, but unfortunately, Ethan appears to have an infection in his fourth toe in addition to a slight cold.

But did that alleviate the fears of these fascinating beings we call Americans? NO!

Now, uncle Q, Aunt enyo and Ethan are being kept at the hospital in isolation, not permitted to even leave their room. But that is not even the worst of it. On the door of the room in which they have been ‘imprisoned’ is a large, red sign that reads “Virus Risk,” plus a box of yellow gloves, gown s and headgear – basically everything included in the doctors’ ebola medical kits.

You may now give up on life. Ha!

Hold on, though! To add to that, every nurse or doctor who enters the room has to wear a full kit, after which they discard it immediately they leave; they don’t want to risk spreading this non-existent ebola, you see. And Uncle Q and his family is being made to pay for each item.

And all because of…? “Oh, Ghanaians? Toe infection? Wait, isn’t Ghana somewhere in Africa? What? Who cares that they haven’t been there in a year? Who cares that Ghana has reported no cases of ebola? Africans at the hospital can only man one thing – EBOLA!”

Oh, Americans. =(


5 thoughts on “Because, of course, all Africans have ebola.

  1. lol where I am, when there’s a group of Africans together we just randomly yell ebola to scare people. :’D aaahh

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