Not all dairy be Dairy.

Sigh. You miss all the good things when you’re in school. It seems as though my grandfather is not the only one in the house who forms blog-worthy stories in his daily life. This happened a few weeks ago, and this one involves my dad William Delali Ofori Snr, and my brother, William Delali Ofori Jnr.

Delali (my brother) was sitting in his room watching movies as usual, and then he got a craving for chocolate. I believe these spontaneous chocolate cravings are hereditary, inherited by my brother an I from our mother, who happens to be a chocaholic. Anyway, he wanted chocolate, and Mum didn’t have any and wasn’t prepared to go looking for some so late, so his only option was to call Dad and ask whether he could possibly pick some up before he came back home.

It is probably irrelevant information here, but my brother has an American accent. I don’t know why, exactly.

Delali called Dad’s mobile. After a few rings, he answered.

“Dad, when you’re coming home, could you please buy me some Dairy Milk?” he asked.

“What? Dairy Milk? Yes, yes,” said Dad. “Do you need anything else?”

“No, that’s all,” said Delali.

And he waited patiently until he heard the honk of our father’s car at the gate. Upon arrival, Dad told Delali to help carry his shopping out of the car. He handed Dela a polythene bag full of cartons of full cream milk, saying, “Put it in the fridge.”

He did what he was asked.

When all the shopping items wereย safely packed away in their respective storage places, Delali realised he had not seen the one thing he had asked for. Disappointed and slightly agitated, he went to my father’s room to make inquiries. Dad was lying down on his back, tapping on his phone. CNN commentaries could be heard from the television. Delali walked up to Dad and said, “Daddy, you didn’t get me my Dairy Milk!”

Dad looked genuinely shocked. “Yes I did. It’s in the fridge,” he said.

Delali went to the refrigerator to investigate. Still, there was no chocolate.

He went back upstairs, now a little more than slightly confused. “Daddy, it’s not there,” said Dela.

Dad, convinced that there was something wrong with my brother’s eyes, personally accompanied Delali to the kitchen. He opened the fridge, pointed at the glaringly obvious diary milk and said, “Isn’t that it right there?”

You may now start laughing.

Yes. Dad bought fresh milk which, clearly should have qualified as dairyย milk, because it comes from dairy cows, doesn’t it?

Following this incident, he was patiently and humorously corrected, and since then, my brother has been receiving Cadbury chocolate on a regular basis. =)

-Akotowaa =)

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