How much sense does it make
To suffocate at the hands of an enemy
Who claims to love you
More than your own life?
The irony.
As if it was ever theirs to love!

There is no kind of adoration
That ignores the pleading cries of,
“I’m dying inside!”
All for the sake of a thing that almost everyone seems to have
But few really want,
And those who think they do
Have no clue about
What life is.

Life is
A collection of moments that nobody really knows what to do with,
As displayed by humans’ constant searching for something unattainable,
Even if it’s practical.

So now I’m suffocating,
And everyone is my enemy.
And dear Enemy, I would learn for you if I could,
But “the only thing getting in the way of my learning is my education,”
And repeatedly, I find myself trying to succeed,
In a system God knows I wasn’t born for.

The remaining mysteries are all of them, save one.
Why? What? When? How? Where?
The “who” – is me. Who else?

If by now, I have not abandoned coherence entirely,
Though my expressions have failed me again,
And left me in my vicious cycle of stagnancy,
I am wondering if my problems are worth existence,
So, how much sense does it make?


5 thoughts on “Direction

  1. i really do like this post. i have an awesome idea for this. I’ll let you in on it when i set it in motion. Till then, keep getting better. 😀

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