On Some Days

I told myself I’d have to save this post for a time when I feel the way I felt when I wrote it: very low. Otherwise, it wouldn’t feel authentic. It is, after all, about depressive sleep. That time is now. On Some Days Growing attached to the state of oblivion Getting lost in the […]

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Set In Stone

The day was extra-ordinary. What I mean to say is that it was so ordinary that it was excessively so. The atmosphere was hot and sweaty, and the people were too populous and too loud. Nevertheless, we acted like we were alone; there was no other way to do it. There was nowhere else to […]

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Life Is Grey

I am not a believer in optimism, Because it’s just happily shading your eyes from the truth, And it’s fake, because real eyes realize real lies. Maybe I believe that pessimism is just realism in disguise, Because my reality is often…very…negative. If you really want to see something as white and perfect,  You will, by […]

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