jam tears: final words

So reflective of me that I wonder if God just created two models of the same brain.

How does an artist create without emotion?

How does an artist create without emotion? More importantly, why are the negative emotions the most fruitful? I write often, not just because writing is nice. (It is, but that’s not the point.) On a boring, uneventful day, even if I felt like writing, what would I write about? There would be no subject matter.… Continue reading How does an artist create without emotion?

An Open Letter to Bobby Shmurda

For all the negative people who are going to shoot this down: go and create your own blog and don’t pollute someone’s comment section.

New Culture Vibes

By Imani Brammer


Dear Bobby Shmurda,

I have danced to your song “Hot Nigga.” It’s on my iPod and I love when it plays. What does this mean? It means that I enjoy a catchy beat, a nice flow and even better, a fun dance to complement it. However, for a while, I didn’t know that you were rapping about murdering people. I was simply lured in by your beat, flow and dance alone. The lyrics were dissonance: mere noise that did not register in my mind. Though mainstream rap is often frowned upon, not all the time am I compelled to listen to politically conscious music like Common and Mos Def (though I adore them both, and also have them on my iPod). Sometimes I want to simply hear a beat, hear some words that flow and dance without digesting or internalizing the lyrics. However one day…

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