The Things You Overlook

Is the best word to describe
Your view of life
Is flawed for multiple reasons
Such that it is logical
When you look at things through a magnifying glass
They get smaller
As they get clearer,
And you are the size of an elephant
While the machine inside your head
Is reminiscent of a peanut
That I can crush
That misguided reasoning reasonably
Shows that change is necessary
If you believe that a problem does not exist
Until it gets serious, it merits disregard
Until it results in
Is a tragedy
Often unforeseen, despite stark obviousness,
We mourn like you cared
As was necessary, we moved on
To a life of quasi-stability
You pledge your heart
Blindly, I look
For justification, but it is
Forgive me for being the unconventional being I am here by telling you how to read this poem. I simply can’t stand knowing that people might not get it not because they don’t understand the poem’s meaning, but that they don’t know how to read it.
I just want to say that the scarcity of punctuation is so that one line can flow into another, thus simultaneously ending the statement of the line before it, and beginning the statement of the line after it.
If you didn’t do that before, try reading it again.
If you can interpret it, please tell me your thoughts in comments.

6 thoughts on “The Things You Overlook

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      1. ‘The Things You Overlook’ has an entire other part of it that you overlook if you don’t read it right. Most people will just scan through and ignore the title alltogether. It’s literary genius more than sly, but you know…

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