Life Is Grey

I am not a believer in optimism,
Because it’s just happily shading your eyes from the truth,
And it’s fake, because real eyes realize real lies.
Maybe I believe that pessimism is just realism in disguise,
Because my reality is often…very…negative.
If you really want to see something as white and perfect, 
You will, by all means, ignore that black speck
As a product of your own eye, and not of the object
And this isn’t really the objective, 
But even sins have their virtues.
Partners in crime can be loyal – to each other
And justice is served to breakers of internal criminal code of anti-law.
What is completely black?
We should know by now that the black-and-white fallacy 
Is just that: a fallacy.
Because if the black-white gradient were the number line of a unit,
Then infinity lies between zero and one.
Infinity lies between black and white.
Grey is infinite.
An asymptote that can’t reach either end or zero.
There are more than two ways to look at life.
Our options are non-terminating.
And just because a thing is closer to one end than another
Does not change the fact that there are elements of black and white.
So don’t tell me that I don’t look at the bright side, 
Because my eyes can’t even see as far as the dark side.
My eyes are not tuned to only one shade,
And I believe that life is grey.

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