What Was Never Mine

Note: Fictitious persona. What Was Never Mine  It’s easy to rush into things without properly examining the consequences. That is not to say that I regret my actions. It is always a great pleasure to watch my genius walk in through the door with his laptop bag, set it down and give me a tired smile […]

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Originally posted on Cristian Mihai:
“Words are loneliness.” – Henry Miller You find yourself late at night in a quiet room. There’s no one around; no movement, no noise, nothing to break time into small pieces. You are alone. And you begin to type words on a computer. While the entire world seems to dream,…

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Why I Write

(I was inspired to write this partly by something Orhan Pamuk wrote, which Sharon Darko showed me.) Why I Write One of the things I aspire to be most is a writer. I hope I already am. I don’t consider myself simply a person who knows how to use the English language. That wouldn’t be […]

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They selected him in a closed meeting and announced to the rest of the team that they had selected the person to represent the team in the student election. John Robertson was chewing on a chicken thigh at the team meeting when he heard it. “And the representative for…