The Study of Nonsense

We all await Friday,
Because Friday and Saturday are the popular couple
But Sunday always tags along
And Monday never ceases to Sing its song as it steals away the weekend

I could wait silently for Friday’s indifferent embrace
Once more,
Linger in its halfhearted warmth,
Or seek comfort in the arms of
The days that so sweetly greet me

I could respond with something other than spite
To Monday’s scowl
For a while
That face that mars itself when it tries to smile,
Ignore the scratches of tiger claws too simple
To realize they’ve grown too big to act as kitty
Cat paws

Count away the seconds under the clouds
In a field of Yellow flowers
Tuesday’s tulips will speak too quickly,
Two lips choose the less discretely
Marked of patterns,

Tulips’ brightness brings you memories of


Found a pattern, I could
Spend the time to put…

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