They selected him in a closed meeting and announced to the rest of the team that they had selected the person to represent the team in the student election.

John Robertson was chewing on a chicken thigh at the team meeting when he heard it.
“And the representative for the Progressive Change Movement Team, is John Krachie Roberston.”

Cheers broke out. The noise in the room was pure excitement and enthusiasm.

John almost choked on his chicken. Then he laughed. Kekelie was always pulling something like this. He was about to make an obscene gesture at the mic stand when he saw Mrs. deGraft, the team patron looking right at him from the stand. This wasn’t a joke.

He walked up to her and started, “Ma’am there must be some mistake, I didn’t apply…”

“Just say thank you, and follow me to the board room.”

He stuttered through the two…

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