For Senyo

I am a tree
With the autumnal leaves of a broken heart
A standalone fixture in a forest
That is full of mere appendages,
Which are not quite as tall.

The silhouette of my branches
Is winding, twisting, meandering
In parts you never thought you’d find them,
But they’re still just shadows,
And their artistic design is hidden
Within the shade of the other trees.
How can you see a shadow in the shade?

I am a sun
With the golden-yellow rays of a broken sunset.
“Let your light so shine before men…”
My light burns a trail ahead of men
Showing them the way like a navigational star.
I can pinpoint your coordinates
With simple geometry.

I am a human
With a heartbeat that counts
In more ways than mathematically
And a smile as innocently genuine
As a child’s, who craves your friendship.

I am,
Not yet the person I want to be.
-Akotowaa =)

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