Man comes from seed
Comes from man
Comes from seed
Transferred the characteristics
He wanted to see.
Man comes from seed
And from seed comes girl.
Girl is unsatisfied with the world.
Man takes a seed
And with seed, plants a tree.
Tree is as big as he wants it to be.
Girl climbs to top,
And from top,
Looks down.
She thinks it feels nicer
On the ground.
Girl takes a seed
And proceeds
To throw it far.
She says,
“You’ll grow better
From where you are.”
Girl, with caution
Takes a bite of tree’s fruit.
She says she’s disgusted
By its juice.
Man’s seed is sharp,
So he’s scared to be scarred.
“You did not come from me.
I don’t know who you are.”
I’m only going to give one hint to understanding this poem: it’s about parent-child conflict.