African in International Affairs

We know what happened after ‘they’ came; we know what their ‘coming’ did to our continent. We know of the national boarders that materialized the imposition of ideals and a cultural invasion that marginalized us. We know of the medical breakthroughs, the incomprehensible infrastructural advances and relish in the outrageous roller-coaster of fashion trends each year. But alas, what we do not know and will probably never know, is what things would have been like if our colonizers had never dropped anchor at our shores. Well let us walk you through our own version of what would have been true then.

alkebu-lan-1260-2 The Uncolonized African Continent

For starters, there would have been no slaves, well at least not African ones. The industrial revolution would have taken forever to come around. All of that arable land in the European colonies would have been burial grounds for the Native Americans who would have…

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