Why Some Ghanaian Kids Don’t Speak and Don’t WANT to Know How to Speak a Ghanaian Language

Subtitle: Ghanaians inducing identity crises of other Ghanaians, with reference to individual, real life examples I have had the privilege of recently meeting a film director, Ghanaian by heritage, raised in America: Sean Addo. I also got to watch one of his films, “Deeper Than Black,” at a Pan-African Club meeting at my school. Sean […]

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Are You Living?

Do you feel like… You’re on top of the world When your fingers tap the keyboard Incessantly, relentlessly, Like you’re the boss When you’re constantly switching Between browser tabs, browsing devices, Multitasking, Being Superman? Do you feel gratified when you reply these emails within an hour, With your constant interaction, Constant contribution to the data […]

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#Lexivism: It’s a Movement.

Movements seem to be popular these days, don’t they? Especially on the Ghanaian internet (#Kpakpakpa). Well, why not start my own, for something that has truly been dear to my heart for at least a year now? Yes…words. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the word: “lexivist.” *waits for the applause I deserve for creating […]

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The Reading Diet

There are books about really deep stuff, books that are profound, books that have winding plots and countless relevant characters. And then there are books you can breeze through, books that are shallow enough to digest easily, without too much pain and effort, with light storylines that entertain you – like most kinds of teen […]

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I hope many are familiar with the word ‘sapiosexual’ already. It means aroused or attracted by intelligence in others. Well, since I have a great interest in words, I decided to search for a word that had a definition I had in mind: the characteristic of being aroused or attracted by/to creativity in others. I […]

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I Don’t Like The Way You Walk

I don’t like the way you walk. I’ve woken up extra early this morning, I’m irritated at everything and nothing And looking for something else to get irritated at, And I don’t like the way you walk. I mean, what, really is the point, When your heels barely come off the ground? The thing that […]

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